In the words of the pop singer Billy Ocean, the Audio Dart Master is “Simply Awesome.”  If you’ve ever had occasion to play on it, you would know what I mean.  For twenty years or more blind and visually impaired players played on antiquated dart boards that had minimal speech.  Then, along came the audio Dart Master, and the Dart world for blind and visually impaired players was revolutionized.  The board we now play on, “The Audio Dart Master” is like I said previously simply awesome.  People with low or no vision can shoot darts alone or in a group with no assistance.  They run $500 but it is easily the best $500 I’ve ever spent.  The clarity of speech and the interface are the things that stand out to me the most.
It is easy to understand what is being spoken because the board is not powered by a computerized voice.  We’re talking a real live voice, and it makes a world of difference because you don’t have to stop and decipher what is being said.  It is easily understood.
The board is powered by four buttons.  That’s right four buttons.  With these four buttons, you can play games read scores, get instructions on the board and the games.  It is a well thought out masterpiece.  If you are thinking of purchasing one, please do it.  You will not be sorry.  Your life will be enhanced in a very small way.

George, from Independence, Mo


I have been delighted in my use of the new Audio Dartmaster dartboard. With its voicing of the dart hits by use of the clock and the description of the shot by inside or outside, I have been able to be more accurate in my game.  The additions of new games has both entertained and challenged me to throw more darts.  The voicing of the progress through games is good and the ability to back up and reshoot mistaken plays have allowed games to continue when mistakes are made.  The board has been very durable and the electronics have been steady.  I especially like the game called "Gotch Ya" and it will be a while before I will be able to call myself a master at Cricket!  I am particularly pleased to have this talking dartboard at home!

Al, from Minneapolis, Mn


The dart master board is one of the most remarkable games for the blind I have ever seen.  Not only is the dart board blind friendly, but you can play with any sighted person.  It explains everything that goes on during the game, as well as telling you how each game is played. It is very easy to set up, and it will give you many hours of pleasure and enjoyment. I highly recommend the dart board to anyone who enjoys playing darts.

Greg, from Upper Darby Pa


The Audio Dart Master  from Access Education is the best game I have ever played.  I never thought I'd ever be playing darts as a blind person. I am so thankful for the work that Access Education has done to make my life more enjoyable, more full, and more integrated. After I bought my dart board, I was not disappointed.  I played the different games and practiced a lot.  After playing for less than a year, I went to my first audio darts tournament and won three different events.  More importantly, I can play games with my family and friends and not have to sit and listen to other people have fun.  Not only is the dart board fully accessible, but it literally pays off in the end.  I look forward to more work that Access Education will be doing in the future.  Their technical support and customer support is outstanding as well.  I highly recommend this product to anyone who is blind or sighted.

<Andre, from Phila, PA